Bito Robotics has developed UNIVERSAL SLAM – a system which combines sensory inputs from GPS, LiDARs, cameras, IMU and odometer, to allow robots to better perceive, understand and navigate in both indoor and outdoor environments. 


Fast, accurate and robust navigation SLAM system equipped with a Velodyne LiDAR for reconstructing a 3D map of the environment and simultaneous localization of the robot.

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Decentralized path planning algorithms allows multiple heterogeneous mobile robots generate collision free trajectories, from the point cloud and occupancy grid.

Tracked Robot

A tough multi-terrain tracked robot is a great platform for outdoor patrol, guarding your site and exploring.

Automated Battery Swapping System  

The automated battery swapping systems maximizes your robots’ productivity by saving charging time. Your robots work for you all the time.

Intelligent Box

Powered by a ARM Cortex-M4 processor and a high performance real-time operating system, FreeRTOS, the Intelligent Box delivers robust control over multiple AGV platforms. Fast response and safety features enable the Intelligent Box to be the heart of Bito robots, as well as any other robot in the world.

Smart Factory

Fully autonomous smart factory armed by Bito robots and Bito task server is extremely effective and productive. The working environment is more convenient and safer than ever.


Factory and robots’ status are fully visible and controllable by the monitoring deck. Safety and productivity are always guaranteed.

Outdoor Navigation with universal SLAM