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BITO is a world leading robotics company specializing in smart factory systems. We combine SLAM and path planning with intelligent hardware to improve manufacturing efficiency. 


software engineer - systems architecture


  • Design autonomous driving system architecture.

  • System integration.


  • Master's Degree in computer science, robotics, or related field.

  • Proficiency in C++, ROS and Linux.

  • Architecture design experience for a robotics application, including SLAM, planning, and communication.

  • 2+ years working experience, or equivalent practical/program experience.


  • Experience in autonomous driving.


SOFTWARE ENGINEER - motion planning


  • Help with testing on real system.

  • Projects deployment in US when necessary.

  • Roadmap and planning space generation.

  • AGV with carts.

  • Sync AGVs.

  • Robotic arm planning when necessary.


  • ROS, C++.

  • Algorithm and data-structure background in graph search.

  • Robotics background about rotation matrix, quaternion, FK, etc.


  • ROS industrial (OMPL).

  • Inverse kinematics, RRT, CHOMP, STOMP.

  • Multi-agent system experience, real-world experience.


software engineer in slam


  • Keep bitographer up to date with cartographer.

  • Develop new functions based on new needs, such as rbgd sensor and cloud interface.

  • Help with calibration


  • ROS, C++.

  • Familiar with cartographer.

  • Multi sensors, hands-on experience with real sensor.

  • SLAM related algorithms and data-structure like KF, Kd-tree, graph-SLAM, particle filter;.


  • SLAM algorithms like ORB, LOAM, etc.