Company Profile

BITO Robotics is an innovation-driven high-tech company dedicated to democratizing robotic solutions and creating a new world of efficiency, convenience and security.

The company integrates autonomous navigation, AI, Internet of Things and big data technology to create platform-based intelligent robot brains, enabling all walks of life. BITO has accumulated abundant experience in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, and has mastered many core technologies and intellectual property rights in the field of intelligent mobile robots, including several fields related of mobile robots, such as artificial intelligence algorithm, robot software architecture, electronic hardware control system, visual recognition and perception. At present, it has been widely used in carton packaging, logistics, semiconductor, petrochemical and power industries.

BITO will continue to improve user experience, help more customers to achieve automation and intelligent upgrade, and helping the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry.


Democratize intelligent robotics solutions

make the world productive, convenient and safe


Extraordinary User Experience

Cutting-Edge Technology

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Product Concept


BITO "Intelligent System" enables robots to perceive, recognize and act. It drives the intelligent upgrade of global robots. BITO takes "perception-recognition-action" as its core system architecture, which provides breakthrough solutions for the most challenging automation problems in the world, and helps the popularization of robots.

Perception——With Simultaneously Location and Map Building (SLAM) technology based on multi-sensor fusion, robots can build a comprehensive, high-precision map of the environment for accurate navigation.

Recognition——With BITO's unique recognition software, robots can understand their environment and make appropriate decisions to improve their interaction with the environment.

Action——With BITO's state-of-the-art path planning algorithm and control technology, robots can collaborate accurately and accomplish tasks.