BITO participates in the 2019 Automate Show at Chicago.

April 8-11, BITO participated in the biennial Automate Show, held at McCormick Place in Chicago, which was produced by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).


The American International Automation and Robotics Exhibition (AUTOMATE) is a professional technology trade exhibition sponsored by the Automation Industry Association (including the Robotics Industry Association, the Motion Control and Motors Association), which is held every two years. The exhibition has grown into the largest and most important exhibition of robotics and automation technology in North America. Through a biennial opportunity, professionals in robotics automation from all over the world are gathered to share the latest and cutting-edge robotics technology and technological achievements.


BITO Robotics

Automate- Boston Dynamics 摊位.jpg

The above is a photo of the BITO Robotics executives at the Boston Dynamics booth.

Note(From Left to Right):

Chaohui Gong,  BITO CEO

Howie Choset,  BITO President & CMU Professor, winner of EngleBerger Award 2019

Sachin Chitta, Managing Director of Boston Dynamics (Pioneer of Bionic Robot, Backflip Robot)

Dr. Dai, BITO Director & Foxconn senior VP, Winner of EngleBerger Award 2016

In addition to Automate exhibition, BITO is very honored to participate in its awards dinner. Professor Howie Choset, President of BITO, was awarded the Engelberger Robot Education Award at the awards dinner of Automate 2019 Show and Conference on the April 10, 2019.


The above is Dr. Howie Choset's award speech and photo

Recently, QS released the ranking of World University computers. Carnegie Mellon University won the first place in academic reputation and ranked first in the United States.


Ranking information comes from the network


CMU Computer Academy

Gates and Hillman Center


BITO Robotics US Team

BITO Robotics is an innovation-driven high-tech company, which focuses on the development of mobile robot system software. It was founded in 2017 and has branches in Pittsburgh, USA and Shanghai, China. Its core team consists of top scientists and engineers in the world, including Professor Howie Choset and Dr. Chaohui Gong from Carnegie Mellon University, known as the "Robotics Institute", Dr. Dingjiang Zhou graduated from Boston University, and research staffs Zhongqiang Ren, Jin Dai from Carnegie Mellon University, etc.

BITO has accumulated abundant experience in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, and has mastered many core technologies and intellectual property rights in the field of intelligent mobile robots, including several fields related of mobile robots, such as artificial intelligence algorithm, robot software architecture, electronic hardware control system, visual recognition and perception.


In the near future, BITO team believe that they will make contribution to China's manufacturing 2025.